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[Magazine] WINNER in Junon Magazine
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[Magazine] WINNER in Junon Magazine
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fun drinking game: drink a glass of water every few hours to stay healthy and hydrated

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Juliana Schurig by David Slijper for Vogue Japan October 2014

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Tablo (34) and Kang Hye Jung (32), parents of one child

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WINNER - Naver Starcast Update (140922): “MV Shooting for ‘Empty’”

On September 18, WINNER’s debut song “EMPTY” topped the chart of Mnet’s M Countdown. The song has been rocking the charts for over a month after its release on August 12. Amidst a flood of new songs, it is just surprising to see WINNER’s “EMPTY” seizing “back” the No.1 spot. All the fans must be dying to see their favorite boy band at their first MV shooting.

Many lessons were learned at the WINNER’s first MV shooting, just as many as the shooting in New York. WINNER and the staff alike thought that now we have become strong enough to overcome any challenges after the New York shooting. However, shooting a MV was not an easy job.

This time, we didn’t have to fly to a foreign country where people speak an incomprehensible language.  Instead, the shooting was to take place in Korea. So, we expected the shooting to be less hard because we could escape whenever we wanted. However, we’re so wrong!

During the five-days of shooting, we only had a total of three hours for rest including the shower time and sleeping time. It was a different kind of challenge compared to the difficulties of the shooting in New York. But, we overcame all those “hardships” and, finally, the WINNER’s first MV for “EMPTY” was born.

The MV is so high-quality that you won’t be able to believe it was made in such a tight schedule. And now, the unreleased still-cuts of WINNER’s MV for “EMPTY” will be unveiled by Naver Starcast.

[MIN HO] MIN HO’s ‘bangs’ and long eyelashes that everyone has been wanting to see are pretty impressive, right? The picture has a mystic feel to it because the rain that had been falling mysteriously stopped when the photographer pressed the shutter.

[SEUNG YOON] The MV features many vintage cars. It was a rare opportunity for the members and the staff to see so many cool vintage cars. :)

[SEUNG HOON] There was a day during shooting when SEUNG HOON had to wait for his shoot all day and night only to begin his first shoot at the dawn of the next day. However, he didn’t get irritated and only kept on asking “Is it my turn yet?”

[JIN WOO] JIN WOO’s way of keeping up his energy level was staying awake rather than sleeping poorly. Seeing JIN WOO so handsome even though he lacked sleep, the staff exclaimed, “Is this really the face of a member who had the least amount of sleep on the last day of the MV shooting?”

[TAE HYUN] The shooting was coming to a close and this part of the shooting didn’t even take 15 minutes. TAE HYUN’s lonely-looking eyes stand out. You might think that such a good-looking guy would live in such a nice house and sometimes feel empty like that. We would say the set looked much better with TAE HYUN in it.

[MIN HO] MIN HO stands in front of the camera wearing a nice suit and with a charismatic face and posture. However, when he’s not shooting, he’s a mood maker cheering up the exhausted staff and they love him for it.

SEUNG YOON in a double breasted jacket staring at the sky with his mellow eyes is quite an eye-catcher. The members are all diligent but SEUNG YOON feels that he has to be more diligent as the leader of the team. He fulfilled his role as a leader by dropping by when the other members’ shootings were taking place to monitor and to make jokes.

[SEUNG HOON] SEUNG HOON lurks around the studio wearing comfortable clothes as if he is just a little brother watching his big brother’s shooting. However, when his shoot begins, he’s all dressed up and serious, really focusing on his shooting. Seeing him like this, we thought to ourselves, ‘He’s a guy with years of training up his sleeve.’

[JIN WOO] Usually,JIN WOO’s eyes are bright and sparkly. But when we started shooting the MV for “EMPTY”, his eyes are so wonderfully moist that it seemed as if he’s going cry any minute.

[TAE HYUN] All the members of the staff said, “This photo has to be released, no matter what!” We, the Naver Starcast, have the honor of unveiling it. :) What more can we say about this photo? Just “watch your heart!”

Source: Naver Starcast

Translated by: YG LIFE

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